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Cannabis at Work is the leading source in Canada for cannabis jobs, recruitment services, online industry training, and workplace impairment training. We also write about industry trends, offer cannabis policy conferences, and speak at other events.


About Cannabis at Work


Alison McMahon
Founder & CEO

Cannabis At Work is Canada’s only staffing agency focusing exclusively on the cannabis sector. 

Founded in 2015 by Alison McMahon, the company initially focused on education relating to cannabis use by patients in the workplace. Alison saw herself as an ambassador for the industry by providing tools to workplaces so they could manage cannabis patients instead of simply firing them. “When workplaces take a hard, zero-tolerance approach to medical cannabis, it’s often due to a lack of knowledge and fear” Alison explains. “When businesses equip themselves with knowledge, they often realize that cannabis use by employees, while challenging, is manageable.” 

Alison always had her eye on a staffing division and in 2017 when the Canadian cannabis sector was approaching recreational legalization she knew the time was right. “The industry is at a tipping point”, Alison explains. “Existing businesses are ramping up and new businesses are entering the market. We’re about to see tremendous growth in cannabis in Canada.” 

Today, Cannabis At Work has office in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto. “We have worked with over 350 employers to date and are excited about the future”, says Alison. As Canada’s only expert on cannabis and the workplace, we offer cannabis jobs, recruitment services for the cannabis sector, training and strategies for managing cannabis use in the workplace.